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Organize Your Social Media through Lists and More

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

Working with various clients in social media for the last three years, one of the first thing I had to accomplish was help my clients organize.  You may have you strategy, images all over the place, and posts updating around the clock.  This doesn’t have to be this way because almost every social media can take some of the workload off.  For example[tweetable alt=””] if you want help curate content or get news from interesting sources you can organize it through your social media.[/tweetable]  So, lets get started on how you can take some steps to get organized.

Facebook Lists

I am ashamed to say I recently discovered this gem.  If you want to collect all of your news sources such as the Huffington Post and New York Times you don’t have to like the page, just add it to your lists.  You get complete control on creating, categorizing, and putting sources into the category.  When you click on your list all the information related to the topic will show.  This is perfect for sharing and keeping up to date on the specifics you want to know without the clutter of a Facebook Timeline.

Twitter Lists

Works similarly the same way as Facebook, but it has been given some recent updates.  The Twitter feed is just as cluttered as the Facebook Timeline minus the long content.  Since Twitter is all about news it is the best for very specific details.  If you want, lets say industry news on marketing, you can break your lists down to consumer marketing, business-to business (BSB), and online marketing.  Quick and easy including now since Twitter has made the addition to make lists longer.

Google+ Communities and Circles

I created a recent post on how take advantage of Google+ Communities and this is another reason to join one.  The layout for a G+ Community is nice and since the communities are organized based on interests, it is less work you have to do.  One thing is don’t to forget about the circle you organized your following in.  If you want to only see what your interests, family, or friends are doing then click on it and find out.  Last, you can create new circles and organize your contact accordingly.

Pinterest Boards: The Secret Ones

Okay we all know, or do now, about the Pinterest secret boards.  I know some women who used those boards to plan their wedding, but you can use it to organize your social media life without it being public.  Organize your social media efforts right from those secret board without anyone knowing what you’re planning.  This is a great way to collect information to further your company’s efforts.

Be sure to check out some these features.  It can help you avoid social media overload or inspire you to discover other unique tips on social media.

Shane Atkins

Hello! I want to show you how to get more traffic from blogging, and social media by helping you grow your subscribers and social influence by using a mix of best practices with trail and error. I'm going to be talking about blogging and social media a lot as I love them both :) Want to know more? Check out my about page.

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