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How many social media profiles is too many?

Shane Atkins 3 years ago

There are literally thousands of social networks out there your business is probably using the popular ones (Facebook and Twitter) but are you using too many? Is there such a thing as too many? And could your business have too many?

Many social media “experts”(sarcastic) like to say that your business should sign up to as many social networks as you can and use say HootSuite to send the same spam to all of them. While it’s good to get a lot of people knowing about your business and things you sell it isn’t profitable and creates a terrible brand image. If you find your business has signed up to say five networks and only have time for three or four then skip the least valuable to your business as your brand image is going down the sink on that social network.

While there isn’t a number for all businesses I believe that three is a manageable amount of for most businesses, more and it gets too hard to keep strong real relationships with them which makes you sales in the long run.  For most businesses I would strongly advise you sign up to Facebook and Twitter as these two social networks hit over 1.75 billion a day and you’re bound to find business there whatever your business is. The other social network will have to ben your decision but remember does your demographic hang out on the social network and is it worth your time, I suggest checking out these:




Instagram (Mobile App)



If your business can create real relationships with your customers on more profiles and it’s profitable for you then why not carry on with it. It will be different for all businesses,just make sure you are keeping on top of things on all your social networks so you can keep creating relationships with your customers/clients that last.


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