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The marketing philosophy taking over the US and soon the UK

Shane Atkins 2 years ago

Inbound marketing, have you heard of it? This popular marketing methodology is taking over the US, with more businesses using inbound practices rather than spending all their funds on outbound strategies.

As inbound is proving to generate more leads, convert more customers and make more sales in the US, the concept is starting to grow in the UK. With this increasing popularity, we thought it was an ideal time to examine the inbound methodology and explain why it’s getting so popular and why more people want to go inbound.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing was born from the changing habits of today’s buyers. Outbound marketing techniques like television adverts aren’t as successful as they used to be because buyers now have more control over what they see. They can delete, ignore and skip adverts.

Marketers in the US recognised this declining trend and have now adopted more inbound techniques to help them engage with their ideal customers. Inbound marketing focuses on understanding the psychology of their customers and then creating strategies that will encourage their buyers along the Buyer’s Journey.

Inbound strategies are more personalised to engage with the wants and needs of their customers. The inbound methodology is designed to attract new visitors with helpful and relevant content, and then convert them into leads and customers with personalised strategies.


To get the best out of inbound marketing you have to understand the motivations of your ideal customers and you can do that by creating Buyer Personas. These are detailed profiles of the types of customers that will come to your business.

US marketers love inbound
Inbound marketing is still considered relatively new. In 2007, Hubspot released their inbound online management system and within a couple of years, the marketing methodology lifted off in the US.

As more US marketers saw the benefits of inbound, more businesses incorporated the methodology into their marketing strategies.

Inbound leads have a greater close rate of 14.6% compared to outbound which has a success rate of 1.7%.

What’s great about inbound is, it has given smaller businesses an edge over big companies who have bigger budgets.

The UK is going inbound

Whilst the term ‘inbound marketing’ is becoming well known in the States, it’s starting to slowly grow in the United Kingdom. Businesses in the US had a head start with inbound in 2009, in the UK there was an increase of businesses going inbound in 2012. Which is great for small businesses who want to get ahead of the competition.


Inbound marketing engages with the buying behaviour of today’s buyers and guides them along the Buyer’s Journey. As inbound strategies focus on your ideal customers, there is no excess funds wasted (which often happens with outbound advertising).


You can generate more leads and customers by:

Inbound marketing is a long term business strategy that has proven to be more effective than current outbound techniques.



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