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Home Social Media 5 Ideas For A More Secure Business Blog

With all the recent cyberattacks making headlines, many large companies are taking steps to improve their online security. This is even more important for small businesses as they’re increasingly becoming the targets of hackers. Some small business owners don’t realize this, so they don’t pay enough attention to securing their blogs.

If you earn any revenue from your website or blog, it’s an important part of your business. And just as you can’t neglect keeping up with leads and planning your marketing strategy, you can’t neglect the security of your blog. After all, if your blog falls prey to a cyberattack, you might lose your entire business or at the very least your good reputation.

1.Use Secure Passwords


You’ve probably heard this security tip more times than you care to remember, but it’s still true. Passwords are your first line of defense, so strong passwords and proper password habits are vital to ensure the security of your blog. These good password habits apply to your business blog and to any other online accounts you use:

  • Don’t use obvious passwords such as “admin” or “password”
    Don’t use your birthday, pets’ names or address as passwords
    Change your passwords often
    Include at least eight characters in every password
    Use numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols in each password
    Alternatively, use a passphrase
    Don’t use the same password for more than one account
    Don’t give your passwords to others
  • Given the complexity passwords require and the fact that you probably have numerous different passwords to remember, it is probably wise to get a password manager. This will store all your login details and passwords securely. In addition to requiring passwords to log in, certain online accounts offer two-factor authentication, and you should make use of this feature wherever possible.
    Install Security Software on All Your Devices
    You are probably aware that anti-virus software is essential to the security of your blog. Without it, you run the risk of picking up viruses and other types of malware. Even worse, you might spread this malware to your readers through your marketing or blog. This could obviously be disastrous for your business. So ensure that you have anti-virus software installed on all your devices and update it regularly. Don’t be tempted to turn it off, even if it annoys you.
    Anti-virus software isn’t the only security software that you need to use. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a firewall are also vital to your blog’s safety. A VPN (Secure Thoughts has a few recommendations) will encrypt your internet connection and protect your online information.
    You’ll also need a firewall. A firewall is a piece of software that screens what enters your computer from the internet. It prevents things like hackers and malware from getting into your system and spreading to your clients through your blog or marketing activities.
    Manage Your Blog


Your blog is part of your business, so it’s important that you manage it just as you would any other aspect of your business. One of the most common mistakes that small business owners make is to use their personal email account for business purposes. So if their personal email account is hacked, the hackers have access to the business blog. Always use a separate email account to run your business. This includes your blog account, marketing and direct communication with clients.
If your readers can post comments on your blog, you need to moderate it carefully. Hackers can post comments containing malicious links on your blog and your readers may click on these links. So always delete any posts with suspicious links. This will also aid your marketing efforts because your readers are more likely to pay attention to your marketing if your blog isn’t full of other distractions.
Keep All Your Software and Plugins Updated
Software updates and plugin updates often contain security patches, so always keep them up-to-date. Operating system updates are particularly important for your blog security because they keep your entire system secure.
Plugins can add a lot of interest and value to your blog and readers, but if you don’t keep them updated, they can pose a threat to your blog’s security. As with other updates, plugin updates often repair security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to steal your clients’ data or add backdoors to your blog.
Back Up Your Blog Regularly
Backing up all your information, including your blog content, is an important part of protecting your blog. If your business computer breaks or gets stolen, you risk losing all your information if you don’t do regular backups. Recovering data without a backup can be very difficult, if not impossible. You need to either set the software to back itself up automatically or you need to do it yourself. Regular backups are important, so you might find it easier and safer to set automatic updates.
Your blog is a vital part of your business because it allows you to communicate with your readers, and promote your products and services. It also allows your readers to follow your activities and communicate with you. This means that you need to protect your blog to the best of your ability to keep your business healthy.
These security tips are definitely not the only things you can do to protect your business blog and marketing activities. Are there any major tips we’ve missed? Please tell us in the comments below.
About the Author: Caroline is a tech and security blogger. She has created and managed several websites over the years and she hopes these tips help you protect your blog and help your business thrive. You can find Caroline on Twitter at @SecureThoughts1

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