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Why Readers Find Your Articles Boring: Overcoming This Challenge

Shane Atkins 1 year ago

It sometimes happens that young people encounter with challenges and difficulties while running their website. No one appreciates their articles and that becomes the main reason why these people give up blogging. As a rule, they are simply disappointed and think that this activity is not suitable for them. Unfortunately, only a small part of people can cope with such temporary complications. The majority quickly decides to quit this field and starts doing something else. However, there is the thing which unites all these unlucky bloggers. All of them do not understand the reason why people do not want to read their articles and follow the blog. They look at websites with the similar theme and cannot find why everyone monitors upgrades on this site. Nevertheless, content on yours and someone’s web page may be completely different. It is important to understand what matters a lot in case you want to improve your blog and become popular. You have to detect your mistakes and fix them as fast as it is possible.

Old-Fashioned Style

It is true that the majority of people look for original articles by all means. Hence, you should develop your style of writing as well because it is not enough just to create an interesting text with an original topic and hidden message. Only a small part of bloggers have already coped with this. If you want to make blogging the main resource of your income, you should definitely work on your personal style. Do not forget that it plays a great role for your potential readers. For example, when we compare two websites with the same theme, the one which has unique and originally written content will be superior. Try to avoid old-fashioned style and present even the ordinary and simple materials in an amusing way.

Bad Choice of Topics

Sometimes young people make a typical mistake while trying to choose a topic for their articles. They pick a wrong theme which will probably be uninteresting for a big part of their audience. The main problem is that these bloggers do not think beforehand about how public will estimate this post, especially while selecting an unusual and specific topic. It is very important to pay enough attention while selecting what to write about. It may be even more valuable than the process of writing itself. Try to pick original variants but which are suitable for the general theme of your blog. You should also comprehend if it is significant to discuss nowadays or there are another present-day issues which are more topical.

Ignoring Public’s Requirements

Without any exaggeration, a public opinion about your blog and the feedback matter a lot. If you understand that your readers will not be interested in a certain topic, it will be better to postpone it or forget about this subject at all. Sure, risks have to be taken sometimes. However, in an ordinary situation, you should understand audience’s tastes and desires. If people send you messages and ask to write an article on a certain topic, you have to listen to their words and create such a post. Remember that you do not write your personal diary which no one, except you, reads. It is a public blog, and its main target is attracting more and more followers. Hence, you should keep in mind that your articles have to be exciting for the audience first of all. What is more, you have to monitor statistics as well and indicate which things are the most interesting for your followers.

No Topical Issues

You have to be aware of the latest news in the sphere which you choose as the main theme for a blog. It is essential to put them down and add your personal opinion as well. In case you publish only well-known facts and statements, your articles will be boring for readers as they get nothing new from these articles. However, it is a truly bad idea to put down only news without giving your own evaluation and interpretation of the described events. You should follow several sites with the latest information about the field chosen as your theme for a blog.

Guest Posting

Sometimes, when young people suffer from the lack of inspiration, they write banal articles which are useless for readers and bring no new information. In such cases, the major part of your audience will stop reading your blog and find a more interesting site to follow. Sure, it may be hard to create posts when a person does not get any inspiration and has a stress or depression. How to solve this problem? You can provide an option of guest writing on your site. It will let others send you their articles on topics related to your blog. As a result, your readers will always have something good to read.

Plagiarized Elements

It is true that plagiarism is widespread nowadays and a lot of people do not even understand why it is so harmful for your blog and reputation in general. As a rule, when bloggers copy someone else’s ideas on the internet, they hope that they will not be punished and they will be able to continue doing this. However, it can be easily revealed thanks to several computer programs which detect plagiarism in several mouse clicks. You should always remember that only original and unique materials are valuable and can make you truly popular. Plagiarism per contra wastes your good reputation and makes you lose readers. Furthermore, everyone is bored and even gets angry when they read the same information rewritten hundreds of times.

Mistakes and Inaccuracies

Sure, there should be no grammatical mistakes on your website as it will ruin everything you have done in one moment. Moreover, you should check factual information before posting it. It may be inaccurate or even false. Many online resources are not reliable. Hence, you should take into account only information on the worldwide known websites which have a good reputation and provide some guarantees and proofs of its trustworthiness. Do not forget to mention the resource where you have taken materials. It will protect you from being blamed in plagiarism or false information.

Wrong Strategy

Having a wrong strategy of developing your blog can also make your articles uninteresting and unpopular among the readers. It is important to have a certain system of publishing your posts and connect all of them with a common theme. Hence, you should plan how often you will present your articles to the audience and make them related to each other. For example, you can create the series of posts which have the similar topic. Before starting your own blog, you have to build your scheme of a blog and add some details in the process of work. You should operate with facts and statistics.

All in all, there are lots of reasons why people do not appreciate the content on your website. They may be irritated by an extreme amount of advertisements or bad quality of your texts. On the other hand, they can simply have different worldview and opinion from those you have. As a rule, it is not your or their fault. This may be just not your type of a reader. Hence, you should simply try to produce amusing articles which affect people’s emotions and feelings. Hopefully, you will be appreciated by public and can even get a good profit from your blog.


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