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5 Easy Link Building Targets to Kick start your Link Building Campaign

Shane Atkins 11 months ago

Link building is an essential component of off-page SEO. Its sole purpose is to generate a larger backlink profile for a website. This strategy also gains much more because it increases traffic and improves a page’s ranking in the long term. The link building process uses a website’s resources such as content, products or services.  Sometimes, the content on a website is enough and at others, you have to create content specifically for the link building target. For example when submitting a guest post, a news article or a press release.

The first step towards choosing link building targets is setting goals for the campaign. What do you want to achieve by amassing links to your website? Examples of link building goals are increasing organic traffic for more conversions, creating deep links to the inner pages of the website for better indexing, increasing awareness about the brand and providing news about new developments in the company.

5 Top Link Building Targets

In order to take the least amount of time reaching out, you need a clear plan about the type of people you want to contact. They are known as link building targets. To kick start your search for links, try:

  1. Resource pages

Resource pages generate a link to your website, and increase your credibility as one of the market leaders.  Your resources page can include e-books, research papers and other informative pieces. Share them with your audience on social media, with libraries, industry leaders, etc. They will share these resources and thus create links to our website.

     2.Directories & broken links opportunities

Across the internet, there are numerous free and/or paid platforms you can submit a link. Types of directories include blog directories, article submission directories, company directories, e-book directories and infographics directories. You can also submit news items and press releases too.

Manual submission is advised when dealing with directories. Manual submission is a white hat SEO strategy, and it helps you sieve directories so that you only choose relevant and highly valued directories. On the same note, you can use online tools to scour websites looking for broken links. These may be links to websites that unavailable. Once you come up with a few websites you would like to contact, talk to them and request to replace the broken links with a link back to your website.


Influencers are perhaps one of the main link building targets of 2017. When a blogger shares your content, there is likelihood that the blogger’s audience will share it too. Select the most influential people in your industry for your campaigns. There are tools online to help you do that. For example, use Twitter directories to pick out the most relevant influencers for your industry and location. Check the bios, their followers and the kind of content they share. Looking for ideal bloggers to work with does not necessarily mean gauging them by the strength of their domain; how influential they are matters more.

      4.Websites with Guest Posting opportunities & testimonials

Guest posting needs authentic and fresh content. Do not write because you want to get a link to your website; write because you have something interesting to say that your target’s audience will be interested in.  You can easily search for guest posting opportunities with the terms ‘write for us’ plus the industry you are targeting.

Go through the content on the website, look at the tone, check the audience through comments posted on the articles, and also read the terms of the guest post opportunity. Some websites will offer a link in from a guest writer’s profile; others allow the guest writer to insert a link in the article or on the footer.

Secondly, think about building links from suppliers and companies you have worked with in the past through testimonials. For example, if you are provide IT services, and you recently bought computers from a leading retailer in your area, send them a testimonial. You will get a link, and possibly a chance to reach their customers for IT services.

     5.Your social media channels

Sometimes, all you need is a really good story that your audience will share with friends. Think about creating viral content, whether as an infographic or as a blog post with a link back to your website. Share this with your audience and see how fast you will generate traffic and possibly other links to your website.

Overall, link building is a slow and calculated process that can increase a site’s traffic and improve search engine rankings. See Orb Online  for more tips on SEO.

Shane Atkins

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