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Keys to Success on the Internet

Shane Atkins 5 months ago

The development and growth of new information and communication technologies, faces a serious obstacle for these new technologies are truly productive for users, there must be a critical mass of people and companies that use them, but to massively successful, we must accompany the implementation of new technologies with high induction ingredient, awareness, education and training.

For these ‘virtual communities’ to develop and grow, consistent, and orderly, must be properly “educated” to use new technologies, so as to increase their productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.


First you have to develop a process of induction and awareness, which involves explaining the context in which these new technologies are inserted. The atmosphere, the concepts, the cultural implications, are the starting point for understanding how to effectively use these tools. Then, identify the various products and services offered by new technologies. Is, to know in detail the nature and characteristics of the use of such elements and their different functions.


Finally, we must realize the basics of training in each product, service, features or functionality. For example, Internet, training in the use of e-mail, press releases, submission, browsing the World Wide Web, and use of information resources on the network.


Consulting and Learn from others:

It is a fact that the business world changes rapidly and the Internet changes even faster. The analysis and consulting for your online business strategy is another advantage of working with an Internet consultant. He provides a vital business focus to what is generally regarded (incorrectly) as a purely technical process. Your Internet Consultant will always be available to answer questions, provide relevant information and offer recommendations to ensure you are always getting a maximum return on your investment.


Each of these components works together to form the basis of effective Internet solution. To take full advantage of the capabilities of new technologies like the Internet, you need to know the mechanisms and techniques that optimize the use of time in the sea of ​​information and resources on the network. To do a good job induction and training is required.


The message should be clear. For more investments are made in equipment (hardware and software), to increase bandwidth, to acquire communications data servers and more powerful, database design more sophisticated and more complex Web Sites, if there is a real process induction, awareness and training in these new technologies, any information systems project, any product informational, you want to implement, go through great obstacles and delays.


It is important to develop this area of ​​education, which will serve as foundation for all future growth of virtual communities, services, electronic commerce, video conferencing, discussion forums, IP telephony, and other existing technologies that are emerging or hard.


Another important aspect is that the training must be continuous, and that as technologies evolve and improve, you have to update and acquire new knowledge and skills. Here the paradigm of distance education using the Internet as a medium of communication, is of particular interest. That is, after learning to use new technologies, new processes and inductive training could be developed using these same new technologies.




Author bio: Mary Winston, writer, and editor, coordinator for RankTopTen.com
She has extensive experience in writing articles, essays, and reviews. She adores to rank multitude of stuff including people and brands, films and TV shows, music and entertainment, sports and lifestyle. Details of note have been extracted and distilled down to a simple yet refined “Top 10” formula that reflects the essence of things at their best.

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