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5 Things You Must Keep In Mind When You Travel With a Drone

Guest Blogger 3 weeks ago

If you are planning to travel around the world, then you should consider taking a drone camera with you. Doing so will enable you to take some breathtaking shots of the places you travel. And in case you have already decided to go on a travel with a drone, then be sure to keep the following tips in mind.


When picking a drone, make sure that it is compact and portable enough that you can carry it around easily. Some drone models also have a foldable feature, where the projector can easily be folded and stored in a small corner of your backpack. Getting such type of a drone should be at the top of your priority when you go shopping for the gadget.

Additional Tools

Remember to carry additional tools when you travel with the drone. Most important of the tools are those that are required to repair the drone in case it malfunctions. In addition, you should also carry a couple of extra propellers. After all, the drone can crash anytime. And if you do have a spare propeller in such a condition, then you can easily replace the propeller on the drone with the newer one, thereby enabling your filming to continue without any interruptions. And if you need more information about which tools you should carry while traveling, check out any of the top drone community and forums.

ND Filters

You may want to take a video or a particular location but you will only be having a limited time before you have to move away from the place. And if the sky is too bright and the sun is shining harshly, then the quality of the footage will also suffer thanks to muted colors and overblown bright and dark areas. It is to avoid such issues that you should carry a Neutral Density (ND) filter with you at all times, no matter where you are traveling. This filter will dampen such bright conditions and help you take perfectly balanced videos.


Sometimes, the drone can run out of power or even blow up in the middle of the shooting. In such situations, having a couple of backup batteries will enable you to continue shooting without interruptions. This can be extremely crucial if you only have very little time available to take a few aerial shots of a place. So, keep a couple of extra batteries with you no matter where you travel to.

Know The Region’s Drone Laws

More and more nations are drawing up drone laws that are aimed at protecting the privacy of its citizens. And as a responsible traveler, make sure that you know everything about a region’s drone laws before you go start flying the drone. Abide by those rules and you should have no trouble with using a drone to take some aerial shots of any place you travel to. However, if you are caught breaking any drone law, then you may have to face imprisonment.

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