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Pitkochart Infographic Creator

This week’s FreebieFriday is Pitkochart a tool to help you create awesome looking infographics for your online marketing.

Why create your own infographics?

They shared get widely across social media especially on Twitter and Pinterest. And you’ll get bloggers wanting to include your infographic in their posts so they’ll link back to you which will help increase your SEO ranking.

Why-Use-Infographics  #FreebieFriday: Pitkochart Infographic Creator Why Use Infographics

Reasons to use infographics.

Is Pitkochart easy to use?

Yes, once you’ve signed up you’ll be taken through a hands free tour. Afterwards you can start creating your very own infographic from their starter templates or start completely from scratch.

Piktochart features a lite and pro version in addition to the free version. These other two versions include more templates,icons, option of downloading in PDF and much much more. I highly recommend you check it out.


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FreebieFriday: [eBook] 5 Habits of Successful Social Media Managers

The first #FreebieFriday in what seems to be ages and I kick things of with SproutSocial’s compact free ebook which gives great tips and helpful prompts on how to be a winning social media manager. You may already feel safe with most social media marketing but I can guarantee this ebook will make you think twice about your next social media camping.


Download this week’s #FreebieFriday:[eBook] 5 Habits of Successful Social Media Managers



[emaillocker]Download Now[/emaillocker]



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This week’s FreebieFriday will help you understand why your visitors are leaving your site. The tool is called is MouseFlow and it tracks visitors on your site. Unlike other analytics tools like Google analytics this tracking tool has so many more features.

The Features:

A click map which gives you very detailed information about what your visitors are clicking. With click map you can also see how long people are hovering a link before clicking it.

Movement map which will display the hotspots on a post or page. You’ll see your page have different colors ranging from blue which is cold to white which is means your page is very hot.

Viewport map tells you which parts of a post or page  have been seen by “X” visitors and how long they where there for.

MouseFlow lets you see exactly what your visitors are doing on your site, from where there moving their cursors to what pages are being clicked on.


Is it really free?

MouseFlow and all the features above are all free on their free subscription, which lets you record up-to 100 visitors a month and analysis them all through the MouseFlow’s analytics. There are other subscriptions that offer more recordings but I believe 100 is large enough to how visitors are interacting with your site.


How can you add MouseFlow to your site?

If your site is in WordPress just download MouseFlow’s plugin. Now click on this link which will take you directly to the free subscription. Add your details to the form you’ll now get a tracking code which you need to copy and paste into the tracking code section of Mouseflow’s WordPress plugin.

Not using WordPress then just copy and past your tracking code into your website just before the header. Ask your website designer if you’re not sure how to add it.


Why should your business use MouseFlow?

You can watch recordings and see why your visitors are leaving your site.

Test out new features on your site and see instantly how people are interacting with it.

Get a better insight into why your customers aren’t buying from you.


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Its Friday,Friday, #FreebieFriday!

This week I’ve found a eBook that isn’t boring or full of rubbish.  The eBook is called 3 Strategies To Strengthen Your Brand’s Social Voice and was created by Sprout Social.

The aim of this eBook is to help your business to bring back a human’s magical voice to your social media profiles.


Sprout Social Cover FreebieFriday: [Ebook] 3 Strategies To Strengthen Your Brand's Social Voice FreebieFriday: [Ebook] 3 Strategies To Strengthen Your Brand's Social Voice Sprout Social Cover


The 3 Strategies in the eBook are:

Clearly & Concisely Personify Your Brand

Be Open & Responsive—But Stay Classy

Be Consistent & Refine in Real-Time


You can download and read into these strategies by filling in Sprout Social’s simple download form.


Have a great weekend,


Shane 🙂

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Hooray it’s Friday!

This week’s FreebieFriday is Boost a free, bi-monthly online marketing magazine from Superdream. Boost features excellent articles which can help any business get to grips online with posts about: Digital Design and Online Marketing.

I love the end of each of the magazines, as they summarise up the whole magazine so I can quickly turn to it when I have a second.

Most of the articles in Boost are written by the Superdreamers with guest submissions from professionals from a whole host of industries that I love reading about and hope you do too.

To get your marketing hands on Boost you just need to add your details to their subscribe form and your copy will be posted out free of charge – wherever you live in the world.

Enjoy the magazine and have a fantastic weekend!

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It feels like it has been an eternity since I’ve been blogging (other than for clients). It’s been about over a year since I stopped blogging, I regret stopping after all the success I had over the couple of years blogging.  I had to stop due to client commitments but now I’am back into the blogging game as I’ve missed it too much.


In the past my blog has changed its look,feel,topics and the way I’ve marketed the blog. Some of the content on my blog has been fantastic and has really helped some businesses grow. But I have failed in the past where I’ve just thrown pointless content into a post just to get a post out which is absolutely terrible marketing. I knew at the time but didn’t really see the true consequences of it all.


That’s why I’ll only be publishing posts if I believe it will help your business grow its website traffic,social media influence and email subscribers as theses are the branches that will grow your business online.


Other than publishing quality blog posts here’s a list of things you can expect from my blog starting from May 2015:



Daily blog posts – These will be about online marketing and may touch on offline marketing .


Weekly Newsletters – Every week you’ll be receiving (if subscribed) a roundup of the posts with some extra bonuses.


#FreebieFriday – This is where I give away something for free (Facebook ad vouchers ,online tools, etc).


Reviews – This is where I’ll write about a new or old tool and give a my honest opinion on it.


Marketing Lab – I’ll be testing out new marketing practices to help keep your business stay on its toes.


Even though this may only be a little blog, I want to use my knowledge to help you as I’m more excited than I’ve ever been with blogging. You should subscribe now so you don’t miss the first business saving blog post.





Shane Atkins

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Screen_Shot_2013-05-30_at_5.17.12_PM Freebie Friday: [eBook] 15 Cases Studies on Social Media Nightmares Freebie Friday: [eBook] 15 Cases Studies on Social Media Nightmares Screen Shot 2013 05 30 at 5This week’s Freebie Friday is 15 Cases studies on Social Media Nightmares by Simplify 360. The ebook talks about some of the worst social media shares the world’s largest businesses have shared and what you can learn from their mistakes.

[viral-lock message=”Like,+1 or Tweet to download this ebook.”]Download[/viral-lock]









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Calendar of Weekly Events

Calendar Calendar  Calendar  Calender

Mondays:  A very detailed strategy article that will feature tons of great of information you can use right now.

Tuesdays: An online marketing post by either me or a guest blogger.

Wednesdays: I’ll have a guest blogger write a post about online marketing from their perspective.

Thursdays:  I’ll review an online marketing tool or book that will help your understand whether you need it in your marketing. If I’m tight for time I’ll write about a webinar  or a Google+ hangout I joined where I’ll discuss all the tips that I learnt.

Fridays: (#FreebieFriday)  A free online marketing tool,ebook,magazine and other great marketing things for absolutely free.

Saturdays: (#SavingsSaturday) I’ll search the internet and contact businesses looking for the best discounts on online marketing products to save you money.


The events above are an average week on this blog, subscribe now so you never miss any special events.

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Featured Image


In case you missed my newsletter last week, Savings Saturday is a new feature on my blog where I’ll contact a business for some special discounts just for you. Last week’s discount was on domain names and hosting packages.

This week I’ve been manged to grab you a 15% off a batch of 50 business cards from  I’ve bought some MiniCards from them before and I really liked the quality,speed of the delivery and their easy to use site. And I got a cool MooBox to hold my cards.

You may already have some business cards are already but when you’ve handed most of them out you may as well save yourself a couple of bucks and get some from MOO.

To claim your 15% off just head to add 50 business cards to basket and in the checkout enter this unique code G2MSCG.  This code is valid up to 12 months (8th August 2014).

superjam SavingsSaturday: 15% Off New Business Cards At MOO SavingsSaturday: 15% Off New Business Cards At MOO superjam


Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can use this discount later. Also subscribe to my blog where I write about online marketing techniques and feature #FreebieFriday and #SavingsSaturday.


What discount would you like to see next?


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Hello, I’m Shane Atkins and this is my blog where I  help your business:

Shane Adam Atkins about my blog About k6S0XQBN

Shane Adam Atkins

  • Grow more traffic to your website
  • Increase your social influence
  • And most importantly get you more sales online


Here’s where my story began:

I bought this domain in 2012, I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I thought it would be pretty cool to have my own NAMED website. After a couple of months of getting used to WordPress I started blogging about Social Media News, mostly the latest news from the social media blogs with my spin on things.

In September 2012 I took a long think about the future of my blog, should I carry on publishing the same things or should I endeavor into new topics?

As I found a love for marketing years before starting my blog it was only natural I started to blog about social media marketing. From the end of September through to near the end of December 2012 I made it my mission to learn about SEO and how I could rank higher…and how to pass this knowledge onto my readers.

In January this year I learned so much about SEO so I decided to merge with social media marketing and make my blog about online marketing.

This has worked wonders. I decided to further narrow my audience by targeting small businesses on a tight budget.

I started to invite other bloggers to contribute to my blog in September 2012. As I want to make my blog the place for small businesses to go to for their online marketing resources and by letting guest bloggers write they bring their different views to online marketing alongside different writing styles.

Today I can say there has been in total 34 guest bloggers and of those 34 there are 7 contributors that write about a post a month. You can find out more about the bloggers here by visiting their page. Want to guest blog yourself?

The latest additions to my blog are Freebie Friday and Savings Saturday. Freebie Friday is where I’ll search the internet and even email some businesses about offering an online marketing related freebie (something free) that everyone that reads the post can have. Savings Saturday, like Freebie Friday I’ll search the internet and ask businesses for special deals and discounts on online marketing products that your business either needs or could benefit from using.


If you have any questions then feel free to contact me: shane [at]



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