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Online marketing tools can be confusing online marketing tools with so many different tools cropping up all the time; it’s hard to know which one is the best for your business. That’s why I would like to share with you some of the best online marketing tools that I’ve personally been using for over two years now.


Sprout Social:

Sprout SocialSprout Social is a social media dashboard which allows you to easily analyze all your social shares to see which ones are getting you the most interactions and which ones are getting you the most clicks. You can easily see what was your top Tweet of the month, week or day is by choosing accordingly, making it easier for you to understand what your readers want. The tool also features one of the most sophisticated Twitter clean up tools on the internet, helping you clear the rubbish followers (spam) from the diamonds-in-the-rough (very influential people). Lastly, Sprout Social’s reports are very detailed and easy to understand; you can compare yourself against the competition or previous months of your social activity.

                                Try Sprout Social



MailChimp is an email marketing tool which allows you to create lists for different email subscribers so you can send different emails to different subscribers. The tool also helps you to create email newsletters by giving you easy drag and drop features where you can add what you like. For coders there is a HTML version you can play with to get your newsletter just right. MailChimp helps you to organize your email subscribers, send fantastic looking newsletters and analyze the results of your newsletters.  And best of all, it’s completely free up to 2,000 subscribes.


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Ninja Popups for WordPress:

Ninja Popups

This is a WordPress plugin that’s a popup, allowing you to get more email subscribers, social followers and more post shares.  The plugin also gives you some nice statistics about your popup conversion rates so you can analyze your popup to get better results. Ninja Popups feature over 20 pre-designed themes that you can alter to suit your website’s look and feel.  I love this plugin as it is dead simple to use and has grown my email subscribers by about 60%.



Try Ninja Popups


SEO Yoast:

SEO YoastSEO isn’t my strongest subject with what seems like ever changing updates from Google to penalize our search results. SEO Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. It helps you to optimize any post or page to increase its chances of getting to the top of Google. The plugin gives you a color (red, yellow or green) based on how well your post or page is optimized for Google and you’re given simple instructions on how to optimize your post better. If you’re like me and don’t have a clue about SEO or you’re just a beginner, then I would highly recommend this free plugin.


                                        Try SEO Yoast


HostGatorChoosing a trusted hosting company is absolutely essential. My blog was hosted by a small hosting company a while back and it seemed to crash every week or two. I tried to contact them about the issue, but had no luck on that front. However, HostGator is the complete opposite; since beginning to use them in June of this year my blog hasn’t been down once and I’m now saving about $15 per month by having switch hosting providers. Whether you want cheaper hosting or you want to host your first website, HostGator will be pleased to help you.

Try HostGator


Fanciest Author Box:


If your business has a blog, then I would recommend checking out this WordPress plugin. It allows you to showcase your social profiles and even add some HTML to a custom tab to promote anything and everything. The plugin makes it easier for your readers to follow your business on social media and with the custom tab option you can use it for discounts, exclusive content or even a subscribe box. With this plugin the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Try Fanciest Author Box



FiverrThis site is one of the largest buying and selling sites on the internet. Fiverr has hundreds of thousands of users on its site, selling just about anything for just $5 (£3.5). For example, I’ve paid for a WordPress expert to fix several problems having to do with my blog and I’ve also hired a graphic designer to help me with a graphic design project, also for just $5. It’s definitely worth a look at as you never know what you’ll need.

Try Fiverr



Without a doubt this is the best website to find quality WordPress plugins with excellent free customer service on all purchases. CodeCannyon features over 1,500 WordPress plugins. However, not all of them will match your business needs, so I suggest using the handy search box to weed out the undesired plugins. One word of caution, some plugins are quite pricey on this site, so remember to think about how it will benefit your business before making the choice to buy it.


Try CodeCanyon


The tools above are my personal choice and what has worked perfectly for me over the years. I can’t guarantee the same success, but if you try out a couple I promise you’ll be amazed by them. If you choose to click on one of the affiliate links you’ll be supporting the upkeep of my blog which is pretty fantastic.

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